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“Aquarius Shipmanagement” Ltd. was established in year 2001. We are ensuring qualitative and cost-effective ship management in accordance with highest standards and ship owner’s needs.

News 23rd July 2018

We are very proud to share with you an article by Affiliated Member of ITF with a brief interview with Captain of m/v Laime, his experience and feedback on our companys level of service. Please follow the link to find out more: 


News 1st November 2016

In September - October 2016 Aquarius Shipmanagement after completion of dry dock repair has launched into operation two sister-ships, m/v Skadi and m/v Laime.

Ships are general cargo ship (double side skin-heavy cargo) for unrestricted navigation with following RINA Class Symbol: C AUT-UMS GRABLOADING ICE CLASS ID, have certificates for carrying of grain, dangerous goods and bulk cargo. Ships have 4 cargo holds and equipped with 3 cargo cranes.

News 25th March 2016

On 20 March 2016 Aquarius Shipmanagement has took into management one more ship – m/v Golden Lion, which is the sister-ship of m/v Silver Lion. So, now our fleet consists of 9 ships total. At the moment ship will operate in area of Mediterranean and Black Seas.

News 28th October 2014

Aquarius Shipmanagement employees have formed strong team for participation in first Marine Services Volleyball Cup 2014, succesfully competed in the tournament and gained 4th place out of ten shipping companies.

Our congratulations!

News 08.05.14

On 7th May 2014 our ship Astra, entering to port of Riga, has found out at sea high speed boat, moving without any crew on board. Master has informed MRCC Riga about situation and ship has started search and rescue operation. As result, two mans were found at sea, one was alive, another one was unfortunately dead. Uncovered persons were members of Special Tasks Unit of Latvian National Armed Forces and have made training exercises in Riga Gulf. Crew has made necessary primary health care to survived person before he was evacuated to hospital by helicopter.

Upon results of search and rescue operation MRCC Riga has issued Letter to Master and crew with words of gratitude for saving of human life at sea.